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Aporte original por: Dan ,


Hi, I work in Mobile device repairs and as such can tell you this is an extremely difficult task to undertake. firstly the device will be void on all warranty and will also loose the water resistant ability it has. the socket is a standard uk micro usb type b female socket and is directly attached to the logic board within the unit meaning its a soldering iron removal and re attachment from experience a standard D.I.Y soldering iron wont do the job as it gets too hot resulting in further damage to the logic board and ultimately an even more broken phone, it needs to be a temperature variable unit. i would suggest the best bet is to see what sony will do warranty wise or take to a repairs shop normally around £50 to have that repair done well worth it when you consider the value of the phone and how easy it is to break it further if wrong heat settings are used.

Hope this is helpful if you do wish to proceed with a DIY Repair let me know and can send you a step by stem guide on how to do this.