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Aporte original por: Chuck Sites ,


I've had the same problem with my HTC EVO 4G, the usb port actually broke off of the logicboard.  I opened the phone to see if I could fix it and it simply fell out!  For anyone who needs to charge the batteries there is a way around it that has worked well for me.  However, the phone MUST BE TURNED OFF WHILE CHARGING.  If you turn it on while using this method it might fry!  Also, I wouldn't recommend walking away from it while it is charging, because the battery will get very hot and if left for too long could explode, catch on fire, etc.  Basically you take a usb cable and strip it(not the end that goes into the computer, keep that intact), you will see 4 wires inside - Red, Black, Green and White.  You can cut the green and white off, we are only interested in the red and black.  Red is positive, black is negative.  On the battery you will notice a positive and negative symbol.  If you are looking at the back of the phone with kickstand closer to you, camera away from you, the far left prong is positive, the far right is negative.  Simply remove the battery, place the red wire in the far left and the black wire in the far right(MAKE SURE THEY ARE ONLY TOUCHING THEIR RESPECTIVE PRONGS!) put the battery back in then plug the usb into your computer.  Some have warned not to use a usb charger that goes into the outlet, however the outlet works best for me, it gives me a full charge in about 10-15 minutes!  The usb port on a computer will take an hour or two.  It is clearly safer to use a computer, if you use an outlet, watch it carefully!!  Using either can cause excessive heat on either the battery or charger, so again, monitor it carefully!  Your phone's charging light will not come on, but trust me, the battery is charging.  This is definitely a MacGyver/Survivalist way of charging your phone and quite frankly is pretty !@#$ ghetto, but it works for free.  It's very simple but use caution, I suggest plugging into a computer to be safe instead of the outlet and again, do not leave it unattended or leave it on for too long(no more than 2 hours from a computer, or 15 minutes from an outlet).  And if you need more instructions simply search youtube for "charging an htc evo without a charger" and a few decent videos should pop up.  Hope this helps someone!