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Aporte original por: ronf57 ,


I installed 8GB (2x4GB) in my 2ghz core duo A1278 and changed the 160GB Hard drive to a momentus hybrid 500Gb and the laptop was screaming fast in comparision to the pre-updates system.

It identifies ALL 8GBof memory and it runs statistical analysis regressions faster than my Quad core i-7 920 running at 2.8GHZby a factor of about 6-10 times.

I ran all the database and merging processes on the i-7 then ported the data out to the macbook to run the regressions. I couldn't believe the performance difference between the two systems. The i-7 has 12GB ddr3 1600mhz memory and 7200 rpm drives.

So yes the upgrades to the mac book were worth the investment.

Only thing faster is current generation processors (>2.5Ghz i-5/i-7) with full SSD drives.