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Aporte original por: Kai Janson ,


== Check for dirt in the dock connector by software :) ==

Here is how:

* Double tap the home button
* Move bottom menu all the way to the left (sound slider)
* Look for the Sound Selector (round button next to volume slider)
* Tap on Sound Selector
** The choices should include "iPhone"
** If you do see "Dock Connector" that's where the problem stems from


Take a soft bristle toothbrush and clean the dock connector thoroughly.

Do not use any liquids or the liquid might shorten out signal and you might

have even more problems (a possibly dead iPhone).

'''Make sure you insert the soft bristles gently (no forcing!) and move it side to side'''

'''gently.  Use some computer grade compressed air to clean out the now loose debris.'''

'''Repeat once and blow it out again.'''

By tapping on the round button as described above you should now see an 'iPhone'

choice.  Tap on it, increase your volume in case it's all the way down and enjoy your

iPhone once again.  5 minutes well spent.