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Aporte original por: Glendon Papa ,


Did you ever get this worked out?

Have you checked to make sure you have at least 10% free storage space on your device? Clear out the multitasker as well. New iOS updates have been known to give legacy devices problems.

Apple says that multitasking doesn't affect performance, I beg to differ. All of my iDevices are Jailbroken and when I clear the Multitask bar, I can watch my available memory jump up.

A dud screen will have consistent dead spots. Usually the same spot in every app and screen. If it is just taking a year(iphone time) to respond (real time is like 60 seconds), then it's most likely software related. Have you restored and setup as a new device? Do not restore from backup as maybe your backup is corrupt. If the problem persists, there might be a bigger problem with your logic board. Doubt it though.

I know it's been a year since you've been here but I came across this looking for links for a customer of mine with the same issue.

Really just posting some info and curious I you got it worked out or just bought a new device.