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shae, first off you do want to clean your phone. Rice makes for a great meal, but not to fix any device. It will remove some of the water marginally, but it will not prevent any corrosion. It is also a PITA to remove swollen rice grains out of audio jacks etc. Use [guide|3143|this guide] to disassemble your phone. Then use [guide|5825|this one] to properly clean your phone. It was written for a 3G but all the steps still apply to your phone as well. Once you got this accomplished, reassemble your phone and see what you got. If it still will not show a backlight, even after you cleaned it replaced the LCD and replaced the battery, it is possible that you need a new backlight IC and/or coil. This will require soldering very small parts onto the logic board.


Hope this helps, good luck.