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I was also having exactly same problem. I visited apple local dealer in my city, they couldn't help me and instead put some scratches on my IPAD. I sent my device to Apple for warranty. They also returned it without repair. After one week of continuous trying and lot of patience, the Feeler gauge method worked for me. I used 0.05 Feeler gauge and also slighted bended it toward the display side so it could reach underneath the Sim. I found the Feeler Gauge method on youtube by simply searching for the string "Remove stuck SIM card from iPad". I think better before drilling the sim-tray or opening the IPAD try the Feeler Gauge method first.  Following is the link for youtube video:

(Note: insert the feeler gauge from back-cover side but try reach to the upper side of Sim (display side), You cant isert the feeler gauge from display side because some part of body will stop it reaching sim card)