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Aporte original por: aftab ahmed ,


I dropped my iPhone 4 which I am writing this with down the toiliot , was in there for about 4 seconds fully submerged , I quickly retrieved it and dried with a cloth , got cotton ear buds and dried charging terminal and earphone socket on top of phone , phone stayed on all the while , went to car and wedged phone into heater vent on dash and turned heating up for a at least 10 mins alternating between charging point and earphone socket side . Phone playing up big time couldn't enter pin , unlock wouldn't slide if it would unlock then couldn't phone anyone or msg , so I thought phones screwed what the !&^& lets give it a go , opened boot got can of wd40 and straw that comes with it and squirted a little into phone from both ends charging point and earphone socket end . After a while phone started to improve , let me enter pin and get into phone , first few calls I couldn't be heard , then that improved to being heard clearly , only fault is camera light is staying on all time , even when powered off , opened back of phone flipped battery over without disconnecting it wiped access wd40 off and blew dry phone with hair dryer , reassembled but light still on not a major issue if it wasn't draining battery. Oh had nothing else to hand do used wd40 , use at your own risk .