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Aporte original por: Kalos ,


Guys,  I just fixed my daughters Blackberry curve after getting wet. She dried with a hair dryer, then put it with uncooked rice for over 2 weeks.  They keyboard did not work.

I work in electronics. So when she brought the phone back from college, I took it apart.  They keyboard buttons are covered with a solid plastic that is glued to the actual button pad.  The problem is that the moisture gets trapped between the two glued layers and starts to oxidize the circuitry.  What I saw was the side of the circuitry for the keyboard showing oxidation (like battery salt).  When I pealed the plastic partially from the keyboard, I saw oxidation.

What I did was spray with a DeOxidize spray. Then I sprayed it with a contact cleaner and protector.  After assembly, all is working just fine.  The only thing is we lost the adhesion between the two keyboard layers.

Good luck to all. I do not promise this will work for all.  but I learned that the keyboard is mostly the problem.  If it did not work, you would have used it as an expensive paper weight either way.