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I had the same problem with a different tv – it was caused by a energy saver light globe that I left on as a night light.

On another track I have had 2 infrared devices switch randomly – one was a tv sender that sits ontop of my 32 LCD tv – as I step closer to the tv I can see the IR part of the reciever flash and the unit changed channels – so I am reflecting back the IR part of the tv signal.

The other is an alarm IR transmitter/rec in my front room – if I leave the curtains open at night time and the alarm is active it will go off when a car goes past the house – I am on a bend so the light flashes into the living room.

So there's a few culprits – easiest way is to put an old birthday card or magazine over the IR rec on the tv and see if it stops it – then track down the culprit.


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