Mother's Day Gift Guide

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This Mother’s Day, forget the delivered flowers. Call your mom instead.

To make sure you can have that long, long talk with your mom, we're putting all our iPhone battery kits on sale. Buy one for yourself—and get one for your handymom too!

We’re throwing in a $5 off coupon to make that battery kit (or anything else in the iFixit store) an even sweeter deal. Just use the code MOMSDAY at checkout.

And one last thing to make your mom’s day awesome: Here’s a printable, customizable repair certificate. Print out that bad boy, write in the repair you’ll do for your mom, and present it on Sunday with gusto.

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Your mom loves you. Show her you love her back by calling her and promising to do some small act of service around the house.

Here are some particularly useful (and easy) repairs you can do for your mom:

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Replace her iPhone battery

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Upgrade her MacBook RAM

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Sharpen her kitchen knives

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Work on her car

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