If your main camera glass is broken, you can either remove and replace the lens glass, or replace the whole lens assembly.

Removing the lens while the phone is still assembled may cause small pieces of glass to fall into the camera, but is a faster fix that requires less disassembly.

The lens assembly replacement is longer, and requires removing the back panel, but it is less likely to damage the camera itself. This procedure includes replacing the glass lens and the camera bezel, and will require replacement rear glass adhesive.

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  • Follow this procedure if you are replacing only the glass lens over the rear-facing camera.

  • If you are replacing the entire bezel, skip this step and follow the instructions in the next step.

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  • Follow this longer procedure to replace the bezel and camera lens, which are installed on the rear case.

  • If you follow this procedure, you will need new adhesive to reinstall the rear case.

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