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Toniebox Teardown

Información de Guía

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    Pasos de Guía

    Paso 1

    The Toniebox is designed as an audiobook player for kids (age three and up), and packs the following features:

    Paso 2

    Because we're doing this teardown in Germany, we'll forgo the usual metric and imperial measuring shenanigans and simply give you a banana for scale.

    Paso 3

    The cover on the bottom is as stubborn as a pickle jar. But hey, we have seen far worse opening procedures! Besides, the rest looks pretty easy.

    Paso 4

    Now for the "unboxing".

    Paso 5

    The battery pack and motherboard are secured with just two standard Phillips screws.

    Paso 6

    We'll have a look at that motherboard just as soon as these stubborn little cables are unplugged. Let's see what all the noise is about! Onboard we find:

    Paso 7

    And now for the Toniebox's vocal cords!

    Paso 8

    Just four more Phillips screws, and we can remove the cap.

    Paso 9

    Next we inspect the volume control buttons, located (rather appropriately) in the ears of the Toniebox.

    Paso 10

    Bonus teardown: We perform minor surgery on the lion figurine and find, as expected, an NFC chip in his stomach.

    Paso 11 — Final Thoughts

    That's all, folks! We completely tore down our Toniebox, cut open the lion, and spread everything over the table. Here is our result:

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