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  • After slicing and prying our way into this fortress of a speaker, we reach the final obstacle: a threaded ring.

  • We're forced to conclude that—at some point—the HomePod was able to be unscrewed to separate the control/woofer component and the tweeter/power supply unit.

  • But we don't feel too bad about getting hacky: judging by the adhesive you can see on the lower face of the tube, the threads aren't meant for the consumer—this thing was glued shut.

  • No wonder Apple's repair price is 80-85% of the device itself—this ain't easy. But if we got it wrong, by all means, share the magic procedure!


我们不得不得出结论 - 在某种程度上,HomePod能够被旋开以分离控制/低频扬声器和高频扬声器/电源单元。

但是我们对于使用旁门左道并不觉得太糟糕:通过在管子下面看到的粘合剂来判断,这些线不是针对消费者 - 这件东西被粘住了。

难怪苹果的维修价格是设备本身的80-85% - 这并不容易。 但如果我们弄错了,一定要分享神奇的过程!

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