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For the official iFixit screen replacement guide for the iPhone 6s, click here. The guide you are viewing is archived for historical purposes only.

As per the video here is a step by step instruction guide on how to replace an iPhone 6S Front Screen

Instrucciones de Vídeo

iPhone 6S Front Screen Replacement

iPhone 6S Front Screen Replacement

Fuente del Video

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does anybody know where to get an iPhone 6s replacment screen yet? Have already dropped mine :-( be fun to replace it though

lucyhattersley - Contestar

Many places... It is super expensive still though, around $270 - $300.

Mengtor, Revamp Wholesale, or Repairs Universe are a couple to start with.

Damon -

Using a razor blade to pry the screen off is VERY unwise. A simple, plastic pry tool accomplishes the same thing without the risk of slicing a cable.

pargoff - Contestar

Also, disconnect the battery before you remove anything. Potential for jumping a connection using metal tools is far to great, especially considering the cost of parts for iPhone 6S right now, that is not a chance you'd want to take.

Michael Harting - Contestar

Does anybody know what's the metal chip that's linked to the ear mesh for the iPhone 6s /6s plus?

Recently I was doing a screen replacement for my iPhone 6s, and I realized that there is a very small metal piece linked with the ear mesh when I removed the camera flex cable, and I don't know what's that metal piece for. And it seems like it's really hard to get it off. Can anybody here answer my question?

aasswxy - Contestar

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