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Cambios al paso #17

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] Light coming from the LEDs goes into the glass, which contains a [|diffraction grating]—an optical component that has slits or grooves as part of its structure. Usually, a diffraction grating is a separate piece of an assembly, but B&N's engineers integrated it into the glass.
[* black] This diffraction grating bends and disperses the light throughout the screen. Barnes & Noble really did their homework on this one, because instead of a simple linear diffraction grating (think of a bunch of parallel slits), the diffraction grating appears to change throughout the glass to evenly disperse the light.
-[* black] How do we know its a diffraction grating?
+[* black] How do we know it's a diffraction grating?
[* black] [|Lasers]. We took a laser and beamed it through the glass panel onto a wall. Unlike the light of the white LEDs found on the Nook, you can see the diffraction pattern in the picture projected onto the wall (the diffraction grating splits the beam). If no diffraction grating was present in the screen, the laser would still be projected as a singular dot on the wall.