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Cambios al paso #17

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+[* black] The glass over the E-ink screen takes the light from the eight LEDs at the top and evenly distributes it.
+ [* black] How you ask?
+[* black] Optics. The glass is specially design using to principles of optics: internal reflection and diffraction.
+[* black] Light coming from the LEDs goes into the glass, which has a [|diffraction grating] on it. This diffraction grating bounces the light around using internal reflection. Barnes and Noble really did their homework on this one, because instead of a simple linear diffraction grating, the diffraction grating seems to change throughout the glass to compensate for the local conditions.
+[* black] How do we know its a diffraction grating?
+ [* black] Lasers. We took a laser and pointed it at the glass. Unlike the light of the white LEDs found on the nook, the laser has a very limited wavelength, so when you shine it through the glass you see a diffraction pattern.

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