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Cambios al paso #15

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[* black] Chips, Chips, Chips. Here's the salsa on the back side of the logic board:
[* red] Texas Instruments CD3240 driver device
[* orange] Broadcom [|BCM4330] 802.11a/b/g/n MAC/Baseband/Radio with Integrated Bluetooth 4.0+HS and FM Transceiver
- [* yellow] Two Elpida LP DDR2. Each package is 512 MB for a total of 1 GB
+ [* yellow] 2 x 4Gb Elpida LP DDR2 = 1 GB DRAM in separate packages in a 64-bit configuration
[* green] Qualcomm PM8028 Power Management IC
[* blue] Toshiba ZX0730 1123KLD
[* violet] Qualcomm RTR8600 multi-band/mode RF transceiver for LTE bands (under the thermal pad)
[* black] Broadcom BCM5973 I/O controller