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Cambios al paso #1

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] There is black tape covering the battery in the center of the phone.
[* black] Carefully remove the black tape with your fingers. Try not to rip the tape, so you can use it again later.
[* black] Now you should see a metal bracket with two screws holding it on the phone. Remove the screws and then remove the metal bracket as well.
[* black] There's a small orange plastic on the Bottom right corner of the Battery. Use a Tweezer to lift it up. This will unclip the battery.
[* black] Next there is a gold piece of clear sticker on top of the Ribbon Cable Connector. Remove the clear gold tape with a Tweezer.
[* black] Slightly unlash the Ribbon Cable Connector. It should pop up, but not off the phone.
[* black] It should then unlock the gold Ribbon. Remove gold Ribbon from Motherboard with Tweezers.