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Cambios al paso #9

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] Use the edge of a plastic opening tool to gently pry up the display assembly around its perimeter.
[* black] Remove the display assembly from the iPhone.
[* icon_caution] When reinstalling the display assembly, make sure the digitizer and display data cable are completely pulled through the slot cut into the outer case. Otherwise, the digitizer cable will not reach to its socket on the logic board.
[* icon_note] Remember to [guide|7282|switch the home button|stepid=31173] from your old display to the new display (in most cases, this is not provided). The home button is thin rubber, so care must be taken not to tear it, or it won't work when transferred. Also check that the mesh for the speaker hole is present in the replacement; if not, move it over from the old display.
[* icon_reminder] After reassembly, protect your new display from any scratches by installing a new [product|IF182-025|screen protector].
[* black] Follow the guide in reverse for reassembly.