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Cambios al paso #8

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] We put on our classy monocle magnifying glass to help us identify the ICs:
[* red] Samsung KLM8G2FEJA 8 GB Flash Memory
[* orange] Hynix H9TKNNN4K 512 MB of Mobile DDR2 RAM
[* yellow] Texas Instruments [|603B107] Fully Integrated Power Management IC with Switch Mode Charger
[* green] Texas Instruments [|LCDS83B] FlatLink 10-135 MHZ Transmitter
[* blue] Jorjin [|WG7310] WLAN/BT/FM combo moduleCombo Module
[* blue] Jorjin [|WG7310] WLAN/BT/FM combo moduleCombo Module
[* violet] Texas Instruments [|AIC3110] Low-Power Audio Codec With 1.3W Stereo Class-D Speaker Amplifier
[* black] Texas Instruments [|WS245] 4-Bit Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver