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Cambios al paso #4

Editado por Jake Devincenzi

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] Our old friend, [product|IF145-000|plastic opening tool], comes to our aid as well as our musical friend, the [product|IF145-123|guitar pick].
[* black] A little prying and plucking and the case's halves yield to our efforts.
[* black] Thankfully the Kindle's case separates with a lot less effort than a [guide|1158|certain|stepid=6158] [guide|595|product|stepid=3064] [guide|584|line|stepid=2933] we know of.
[* black] Removing the back case reveals the motherboard and a behemoth of a battery. Note the shiny metal plates on the back case that help provide protection for the internal components, as well as heat sinking and EMI shielding.