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Cambios al paso #14

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+[* black] We find the same 960 x 640 pixel Retina display that debuted in the iPhone 4 last year.
+[* black] The hardware might not be new, but the iPhone's display is still impressive. Graphics performance is also likely to be improved with the A5 powering it.
+[* black] We noted that the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4's display assemblies had [guide|4693|different mounting tab locations|stepid=21286]. While most of the 4S has resembled the CDMA iPhone 4, the display assembly appears to be very similar the one found in the GSM version at first glance. Unfortunately, it's not the same.
+[* black] What appears to be the ambient light sensor and infra-red LED for the proximity sensor comes off the display assembly.