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Cambios al paso #18

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[* black] All the goodies of the disassembly in one place. Taking apart the Mac mini was a lot simpler than the [guide|658|iMac] we took apart yesterday.
[* black] Putting the mini back together was easy too, it's running great. In fact, we've figured out how to add [guide|660|one terabyte of internal storage] to our mini.
[* black] We also did these [link|/Guide/First-Look|product teardowns] recently:
[* black] [guide|658|iMac 20" disassembly]
[* black] [guide|624|Kindle 2 disassembly]
[* black] [guide|618|MacBook Pro 17" disassembly]
[* black] Shameless plug: We sell both [link|/|Mac parts], [link|/|iPod parts], and [link|/Products/Tools/45|tools].