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Cambios al paso #12

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[* icon_caution] Do not attempt this step at home, as many users have reported that it causes the connector to break. Use the [guide|660|Mac mini Terabyte Upgrade Guide] instead.
[* black] Next, disconnect the small black two-wire connector from the interconnect board and move it out of the way.
[* red] Remove the four Phillips screws securing the hard drive to the internal frame.
[* black] The hard drive easily slides out once it is detached from the interconnect board.
[* icon_reminder] The hard drive is a paltry 120 GB. If you'd like to hold more than six photographs on your computer, you can [product|IF107-060|upgrade] to a 500 GB drive for just $130 and a little time.
[* icon_note] Apple only allows you to customize the mini with a 320 GB drive, and they want a whopping $175!