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[* black] The Thunderbolt Display contains a sweet lineup of USB, HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort audio ports! Oh wait—[|wrong thousand-dollar display]. The luscious backside of the Thunderbolt Display contains only a small line of specified ports.
[* red] Three powered USB 2.0 ports
[* orange] FireWire 800 port
- [* yellow] ThunderBolt port
+ [* yellow] Thunderbolt port
[* green] Gigabit Ethernet port
[* black] The Thunderbolt Display also comes with a built-in Thunderbolt cable attached to a Universal MagSafe cable.
[* black] It seems to be a convenient setup for connecting to your laptop's Thunderbolt port while charging, unless of course you are sporting a [guide|6130|Mid 2011 MacBook Air|stepid=26654] and your MagSafe port is opposite your Thunderbolt.