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Cambios al paso #2

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-[* black] Ports on back.
-[* black] cables
+[* black] The Thunderbolt Display contains a sweet lineup of USB, HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort audio ports! Oh wait—wrong device. The luscious backside of the Thunderbolt Display contains only a small line of specified ports.
+ [* red] Three powered USB 2.0 ports
+ [* orange] FireWire 800 port
+ [* yellow] Gigabit Ethernet port
+ [* green] Thunderbolt port
+[* black] The Thunderbolt Display also comes with a built-in Thunderbolt cable attached to a Universal MagSafe cable.
+ [* black] It seems to be a nice setup for connecting to your laptop's Thunderbolt port while charging, unless of course you are sporting an 11" Mid 2011 MacBook Air and your MagSafe port is opposite your Thunderbolt.