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-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* icon_caution] Important! When you reinstall a logic board, you'll need to replace the thermal paste that goes between the processor on the logic board and the heat sink. Failure to remove the old paste and apply a new layer can cause the computer to overheat and sustain damage. The following steps refer to replacing the thermal paste between the processor and heat sink; follow these steps only when you are ready to place the logic board in the computer.
+[* black] Use a firm plastic edge to scrape the thermal material off the heat sink .
+[* icon_reminder] Apply a new layer of thermal paste to the heat sink
+[* icon_note] When reinstalling the Logic board, first follow the directions to remove the PC Card cage. The modem cable connects underneath the logic board. You will need to disconnect the modem cable from the modem and then connect the other end to the Logic board. Then you can proceed with the install.

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