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[* black] From top left to bottom right: Display glass, LCD, Main board and EMI shield, Antenna and battery, Back panel.
[* black] That's it! We'll keep updating the chips above, so keep checking back. We'll post more photos as requested, but we're going to snag some sleep after waiting in line for two nights.
[* black] We'd like to thank some gracious Auckland residents for making this happen:
[* red] Grant Virtue of brochuresunlimited for the facility in downtown Auckland.
[* red] Oleg Boukhvalov of Weblab for his electronics expertise and help with the disassembly.
[* red] Andrei Smirnov of MacSolutions for coordinating everything.
[* black] We'll be adding a selection of iPhone 3G parts soon, as well as a detailed take-apart guide.

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