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[* black] The other half of the board. Note the Apple-branded ARM on the left and the SIM card holder at bottom center
[* black] Big news: Samsung DDR SRAM markers on the processor again. Looks like they win on the processor front again (not that we were expecting anything different).
[* black] Processor markers: 339S0036 ARM EMC567DB 819 8900B N182F0A3 0825 7511.101 ZPD8163Y, 5974V CKUFBG HE0819 870628 P12 N3. Samsung DDR on the chip (K4X1G163PC-DGC3) is slightly different from the first iPhone, which was K4X1G153PC.
[* black] SST SST25VF040B 1MB SPI Serial Flash to the left of the SIM card, along with a National Semiconductor LM2512AA Display Interface.
[* black] APPLE 338S0506 is a Wolfson WM6180C (We haven't seen Wolfson disguise their chips like this before). APPLE 338S0512 is an obfuscated NXP power management chip.
[* black] The GPS chip is the grey chip in the middle-right side of the board. It is an Infineon PBM2525 Hammerhead II! Rumors that it would be integrated into the processor have been disproved
[* black] The round grey chip to the right of the Apple-logo processor is the ST Micro LIS331 DL Accelerometer.

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