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[* icon_note] Some iPhones may have the connector colors reversed (black plastic tab, white connector). Make sure you're flipping up the tab properly, otherwise you may damage the connector.
[* yellow] Use a spudger to flip up the white plastic tab holding the remaining ribbon cable in place. The white tab will rotate up 90 degrees, releasing the ribbon cable.
[* black] Slide the black ribbon cable out of its connector, and remove the display assembly from the iPhone.
[* icon_note] Please note: You may find on some non-American (Chinese, European) versions of the 3G that the flip up plastic tab does not exist. In this case you would slide the ribbon cable towards the screen until it is removed. When you assembly it, you would apply pressure to the ribbon to insert it back into the ribbon "socket."
+[* black] When re-assembling the phone note that the third ribbon could not enter completely into the white (black) connector, it should only enter the yellower part. If this ribbon is not placed correctly you could have problems with the touchscreen sensors.