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[* black] BlackBerry PlayBook Repairability Score: '''7 out of 10''' (10 is easiest to repair)
[* green] The rear cover comes off easily with a couple of pries from the plastic opening tool.
[* green] The LCD is not fused to the glass, making the glass repair easier on the wallet.
[* yellow] You have to dig through the entire device if you need to replace your cracked glass, but the mid-plane assembly comes out easily with all components attached.
[* yellow] Other components (cameras, headphone jack, etc.) come out easily. But there's usually two or three components attached to the same ribbon cable, increasing replacement cost if just one component fails.
[* red] You'll need to remove the motherboard if you'd like to replace the battery -- which is glued to the mid-plane assembly.
[* red] Front panel glass has a metal frame glued to it, which you'll need to separate with a heat gun if the glass cracks.