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Cambios a Paso #11

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] Use the edge of a plastic opening tool to gently pry up the display assembly around its perimeter.
[* icon_caution] Press gently on the home button to push it through the display and make sure it stays behind as the display separates from the iPhone. Otherwise, the [guide|5062|home button cable|stepid=22825|new_window=true] may tear.
[* black] De-route the digitizer and LCD cables through the steel inner frame.
[* icon_reminder] When reinstalling the display, carefully straighten the digitizer and LCD data cables, and feed them through the slot cut in the steel frame. [|This photo|new_window=true] shows the display assembly being installed '''incorrectly''', with a fold in the digitizer cable.
[* black] When the front panel has been correctly installed, both the LCD and digitizer cables should be immediately next to one another and should be the same length, as shown in the second photo.
[* icon_caution] If the digitizer cable has been installed incorrectly, it will not reach its socket on the logic board. '''Do not''' attempt to pull it through by force, or it will tear. Remove the display assembly, straighten the cable, and feed it through to its full length, as shown.
[* red] During reassembly, do not touch the metallic area at the base of the LCD data cable, as this can cause problems with the LCD. If you do touch it accidentally, clean it gently with an alcohol wipe before continuing.