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Cambios al paso #5

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-[* black] Once the old ***Coil Assembly's*** wires are cut, remove it completely, and replace with new one.
+[* icon_reminder] Note: Black being {Negative} goes with the Black wire, Red being {Positive} goes with red wire. However, in this case the red wire goes with the white wire (it all depends on how the manufacturer ships it). The white wire extends from the ***Attached power cord***
[* icon_caution] CAUTION: Match correct wire connections Black with Black and Red with White or the clippers will short circuit when plugged into an outlet.
[* yellow] Once the wires are twisted together, use electrical tape to wrap the stripped wires. Leave some tape over the ends of the wires and below the cutoff of the rubber around the wire as shown in the photo. Wrap as tight as possible.
[* icon_note] To complete this repair and reassemble, follow these steps in reverse, starting from the end of step 3.

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