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Cambios al paso #55

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+[* black] Chips on the back of the board:
+ [* red] STMicroelectronics 324 E9SU518 - Possibly an LM324 Quad Op Amp?
+ [* orange] STMicroelectronics 339 E9W2513 - Possibly an LM339 Quad Comparator?
+ [* yellow] Unidentified Texas Instruments chip with the part number sanded off.
+ [* green] [|A2714 Power MOSFET]
+ [* light_blue] Large QFP chip with the part number sanded off and a red and a blue mark on top.
+[* black] Interestingly, all the chips were covered in a hard, clear coating that made it hard to read the part numbers.
+[* black] It appears that whoever designed this board was trying to prevent reverse engineering by making it hard to read the part numbers on the chips.

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