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Cambios al paso #8

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] That front-facing camera features 1.3 µm light-collecting pixels—the biggest ever in a 13 MP smartphone camera.
[* icon_note] But not bigger than the iPhone 6's 1.5 µm pixels in its 8 MP camera. Take that for what it's worth.
[* black] According to our research, the main camera sports an Omnivision [|OV13860|new_window=true] PureCel-S image sensor while the selfie camera uses a 5 MP OmniVision [|OV5648].
[* black] Taking a closer look with our handy dandy X-ray machine we see...lots of squiggly lines and dots?
[* icon_note] Traces and vias make the circuitboard world go 'round.