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Cambios al paso #18

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] On the left we see a row of dark coupling caps—probably in parallel.
[* black] There is a relatively vast amount of brains in the charger. It probably understands the charging profile of the battery—so the watch doesn't have to. Cha-ching—space savings!
[* black] While the board is relatively complex, it only appears to be one layer, with no components on the bottom of the board. (which makes sense because it needs to lay flat and charge).
[* red] With close inspection we spot a littler resistor network.
[* icon_note] Each filament in the network connects different points with a different resistor
+[* black] One layer PCB power management--not over probably 0.31 inch above the cables. (I am not sure on this, let's check with Bill)