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Cambios al paso #8

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Líneas de Paso

-[* black] X-ray vision reveals the secrets of board-level components. Here you can clearly see some basic electronic components:
+[* black] Fortunately, X-ray vision ''does'' reveal the secrets of board-level components:
[* red] [|Inductors|new_window=true] reveal their wire coils.
[* orange] [|Capacitors|new_window=true] remain dark and elusive with all their wrapped layers.
[* yellow] [|Resistors|new_window=true] are almost invisible, except for the solder that melts and creates a fillet on the edges of the resistor.
[* green] Invisible [|crystals|new_window=true] are hidden beneath protective walls, but close to the processor to minimize latency and signal interference.
[* icon_note] While the dots and swirls in the second image may look like single-celled organisms—they are not.
[* black] The swirls are the wire coils of the inductive charger. The large, dark blobs are solder mounts for a chip, and the wavy background pattern is the flash memory chip. More on that later...