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Cambios al paso #4

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-[* black] As we dive in a bit deeper, we stop to take a look at the digital crown.
-[* black] Right away we notice threads running the entire length of the shaft, through a bushing—which may be good for repairability.
-[* black] Overall the digital crown has a very mechanical build.
-[* black] Behind the retaining bracket we notice a small wire-bonded chip along with a neatly folded ribbon cable.
+[* black] First stop, the Digital Crown. Apple made a lot of fuss over how cool this is, so of course we put it in a box and shot it full of rays.
+[* black] Despite its tiny size, the crown features a very classical mechanical design—threaded components and a hefty bushing.
+[* black] As we saw in our [guide|40655|original teardown|stepid=93708|new_window=true], the portion of the crown shaft on the inside of the watch body is a cylinder covered in tiny notches. Immediately below this is some sort of optical sensor that reads as the notices pass by.
+ [* black] Boom, [|encoder|new_window=true].

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