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Cambios al paso #4

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-[* black] As we dive in a bit deeper, we stop to take a look at the digital crown.
-[* black] Right away we notice threads running the entire length of the shaft, through a bushing—which may be good for repairability.
-[* black] The digital crown appears to have two levels of button. One between the head of the crown and the head of the interior screw, and the other at the base of the interior screw as a contact button.
-[* black] Overall the digital crown has a very mechanical build.
-[* black] Behind the retaining bracket we notice a small wire-bonded chip along with a neatly folded ribbon cable.
+[* black] First stop, the Digital Crown. Apple made a lot of fuss over how cool this is, so of course we put it in a box and shot it full of rays.
+[* black] Despite its tiny size, the crown features a very classical mechanical design—threaded components and a hefty bushing.
+[* black] As we saw in our [guide|40655|original teardown|stepid=93708|new_window=true], the portion of the crown shaft on the inside of the watch body is a cylinder covered in tiny notches. Immediately below this is some sort of optical sensor that reads as the notices pass by.
+ [* black] Boom, [|encoder|new_window=true].

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