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Cambios al paso #2

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-[* black] Let's just throw the whole thing in there
-[* black] The battery in the Apple watch barely shows up on the X-ray. It is very small and not very dense, compared to other devices, like smartphones, which have relatively dense and thus dark batteries.
-[* black] The most dense, and therefore dark things in the picture are the speakers and the magnet of the taptic engine.
+[* black] One of the first things we notice is that, while the battery dominates the interior space of the watch, it barely shows up in X-ray images. (It's the sort of smoky-looking patch on the right.)
+ [* icon_note] Like everything in the Apple Watch, the battery was designed to be small and super thin. In larger devices such as smartphones, the thicker batteries absorb more X-rays, and thus are [|easier to spot|new_window=true].
+[* black] The densest (and therefore darkest) components in the picture are the magnets—such as in the speakers on the lower left, the Taptic Engine, and the small magnet in the center that aligns the charger.