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Cambios al paso #19

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Líneas de Paso

-[* black] springy strain relief on the USB cable whoa neato.
-[* black] There is a metal spring with the charging cable wrapped around it in a sort of knot, this is strain relief (so you don't yank of the contacts themselves).
-[* black] Maybe we can photo this non-x-ray style?
-[* black] Watch vs. charger expectation of durability
+[* black] X-rays reveal yet another unseen innovative goodie: strain relief.
+[* black] This springy bit of metal has some extra wire wrapped around it, so that if you pull too aggressively, you won't rip the cable off its contacts.
+[* black] Looks like Apple put some serious thought into durability, it may well outlast the watch it's meant to charge.
[* icon_caution] Knock-off buyers beware, this is no dumb charger.