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Cambios al paso #17

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[* black] Don't worry, this UFO isn't here to abduct you. Not unless you're tiny, and ferromagnetic. It's just a centering magnet to ensure good alignment for charging.
[* black] Looking at this Oreo cookie of a charger, we find the inductive coils in the lower section, and a dense weight in the upper portion.
-[* black] But the coolest bit has to be the strain-relief bar built into the cable attachement.
- [* black] This springy bit of metal has some extra wire wrapped around it, so that if you pull too aggressively, you won't rip the cable.
- [* black] Looks like Apple put some serious thought into durability, it may well outlast the watch it's meant to charge.
- [* icon_caution] Knock-off buyers beware, this is no dumb charger.
+[* black] Speaking of density, here's a map with [|COLORS|new_window=true].
+ [* icon_note] This "depth" map is based on the density of the components. That dark red semi-circle is the magnet, while the yellow indicates the charging coils.

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