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Cambios al paso #7

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Líneas de Paso

-[* black] Emitter!
-[* black] We carefully slide the clamp off of the pommel of the saber.
- [* icon_note] Talk about how it's actually a 3-cell Graflex flash handle.
+[* black] With the shroud removed, the blade emitter comes into full view.
+[* black] Some say this ancient weapon is no match for a good blaster at your side. Whichever side you take, you have to respect this kind of craftsmanship.
+[* black] At this point, we've cleared the way to slide the clamp free and expose the switch housing.
+ [* icon_note] Being photography buffs, we can't help but notice this clamp bears a striking—but entirely coincidental—resemblance to a 3-cell [|Graflex flash handle|new_window=true].