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Cambios a Paso #11

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] Now that the motherboard is out, we can remove the (hopefully undamaged) battery! After some more prying, that is.
[* black] Yep, the motherboard [guide|23615|still|stepid=61146|new_window=true] has to come out before the battery. And the battery is ''still'' a glue sandwich. Lame.
[* black] We complained [guide|23615|last year|stepid=61146|new_window=true], and we're complaining again this year. A lithium-ion battery is a consumable—it's only good for a [|limited number of charge cycles|new_window=true] before it starts to lose capacity and need to be replaced.
[* black] Burying the battery so deeply within the device signs its death certificate the day of its manufacturing birth.