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Cambios al paso #6

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[* black] What chips await us on the logic board? Let's find out:
[* red] 1.6 GHz Intel [|Core i5 5250U|new_window=true] Processor, with integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000
[* orange] Intel [|DSL5520|new_window=true] Thunderbolt 2 Controller
[* yellow] Texas Instruments [|58873D|new_window=true] Synchronous Buck NexFET Power Block MOSFET Pair
[* green] ON Semiconductor [|4902F|new_window=true] RBV1L Dual N-Channel Power MOSFET with Integrated Schottky
[* icon_note] Although [|Broadwell|new_window=true] is mainly a 14 nm die shrink of the existing [|Haswell|new_window=true] microarchitechture, it is up to 30% more power efficient.