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Cambios al paso #3

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[* black] Use a large socket (size 1 and 13/16") to remove the strainer. Access is tight up above the rear axle on this side of the car. You may need to improvise a bit. I used this modified socket that has a 17mm nut welded to the bottom, and a pair of vice grips. If you have a 3/4" drive socket wrench you can use this type of socket without modification.
[* black] The strainer will simply screw out, after breaking it loose with the socket. Screw it out gradually. As you loosen it, fuel will begin to flow past it - there is going to be about 8oz to 12oz still in the tank. Slowly continue to loosen the strainer, letting the fuel drain as you proceed. Do not remove it in a hurry or risk getting a fuel shower!

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