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[* black] Yellow:93LC46 Is 1K/2K/4K 2.0V MicroWire Serial EEPROM From MicroChip.
[* black] Red:DL10030A Is 100mm x 33mm EDGE LIT LCD BACKLIGHT, GREEN Controller From Unkown Company.
[* black] Lime green:CMPWR300 is 500mASmartOR Dual Regulator With Vaux Switch From California Micro Devices.
[* black] Blue:80225-B Is L80227 - 10BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX Ethernet PHY - ETC From LSI LOGIC.
[* black] Brown: GREEN LCD BACK LIGHT.
[* black] Pink:I Do Not Have The Ic In The Picture I Have The 16PT8515 In The Next Picture And It Is A 10/100 Base-T Transformer From RealTek
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