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Cambios al paso #8

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] Let's see what ICs this unsurprisingly familiar logic board is packing:
[* red] AMD Radeon [|R9 M290X|new_window=true] GPU
[* orange] Intel Core [link||i5-4690|new_window=true] Processor
[* icon_note] Just like last year, the CPU is not soldered to the logic board, and can be easily [guide|19630|replaced] (we just left it in the socket for the picture).
[* yellow] SK Hynix [|H5GC2H24BFR|new_window=true] 256 MB GDDR5 SGRAM (256 MB x 8 modules = 2 GB total)
[* green] Delta Electronics 890CF 143003
[* blue] Intel NB430029A00200 Platform Controller Hub
[* violet] Fairchild Semiconductor DE32GV