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Cambios al paso #12

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+[* black] Whoa, hold your horses, what's this? We found some unexpected new tech in Tango.
+[* red] This appears to be PrimeSense's new Capri PS1200 SoC 3D imaging chip, unexpected for a couple of reasons:
+ [* black] Just last year, Apple bought PrimeSense, manufacturer of the Kinect's 3D vision hardware. Speculators assumed we would be seeing this hot new hardware in an upcoming iOS device, with intent of [|mapping 3D spaces|new_window=true]. Looks like Tango beat Apple to the punch with their own tech?
+ [* black] Also interesting, Movidius has been getting [|plenty of time in the spotlight|new_window=true] lately, as the ultra-low-power successor to PrimeSense's 3D throne, finally a solution for mobile devices. So what's PrimeSense doing here, alongside Movidius?

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